Valentine’s Day Chocolate Oreo Cake

You really cannot get any better than a chocolate Oreo cake 🙂  Honestly, my youngest son over the course of 4 days polished it off.  Thank goodness he is a regular gym goer otherwise there would be some serious calories piling up! This cake is super moist, very very light and very very moorish.  Too… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Chocolate Oreo Cake

Mediterranean Lamb One Pot Meal

I love the one pot meals, you can virtually chuck anything in, and as long as the seasoning is right, then you can’t go wrong! This is a firm favourite in our household.  This feeds 6 people with leftovers for seconds.  I usually cook it in a large round tray – very typical for Turkish… Continue reading Mediterranean Lamb One Pot Meal

Jamie’s Devil’s Double Choc Malt Cookies

So, first up, really important to say that this is an adapted recipe (because that’s what I do) from Jamie Oliver – sorry Jamie!  Secondly, these are the cookies that my daughter’s boyfriend said “after careful consideration, I have concluded that the Devil’s cookies are the best cookies”  – lol. The full recipe can be… Continue reading Jamie’s Devil’s Double Choc Malt Cookies

White Chocolate Chip Cookies

OK.. so these are super yum.  My daughter’s boyfriend devoured them all, so these will now appear in the biscuit tin on a regular basis I suspect.  Although, he did message recently to say that the double chocolate malt cookies I did at the weekend were the best yet (recipe to follow). You can easily… Continue reading White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Firin Kebab – A Turkish Dish which is really just Chicken & Potatoes….

You can make this meal with either chicken or lamb, and it’s quick and easy to make, and goes really well with rice and salad, a typical Mediterranean dish.  If you live in our house, there’s usually a baguette to go with it as well to dip into the sauce, yum!  My youngest son usually… Continue reading Firin Kebab – A Turkish Dish which is really just Chicken & Potatoes….

Crispy Aromatic Duck – So easy!

Last weekend, my daughter made a request to have something different.. so, I went for Crispy Aromatic Duck or two with BBQ pork ribs on the side.. There were five of us at home last weekend, my eldest son is still away at University, and my daughter’s boyfriend was down, so you definitely need two… Continue reading Crispy Aromatic Duck – So easy!

Chocolate Chip Cookies – the best!

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks in our household, so I didn’t do any baking last weekend, so thought I’d make up for it with a few home favourites.  My youngest got his favourite blueberry teddy bear cake yesterday, just in time for him to share with his sister’s boyfriend – see who… Continue reading Chocolate Chip Cookies – the best!

Lasagne Al Forno

My husband and daughter tell me this is tasty, and better than Marks & Spencer’s, and that’s going some!  I suspect this has something to do with the fact that there’s an extra trillion calories in this one! Another great recipe from Grandma’s Best Recipes – bizarrely, my sister who has been living in New Zealand… Continue reading Lasagne Al Forno

Chocolate Crunchie Fridge Cak

The original one I did with Maltesers went down so well, that my daughter suggested that I try one with Crunchie bars instead.  Always up for a challenge, and quite frankly, how wrong can you really go with chocolate, I gave it a go! Verdict from the family – they thought it tasted better than… Continue reading Chocolate Crunchie Fridge Cak

Battenburg Cake – Complete Car-Crash!

OMG, this was a complete car-crash!  So, my youngest son and daughter love Battenburg’s, so I looked up recipes for a good cake, and finally settled on one in: The Great British Book of Baking on Page 254. Now, I know that I’m not good at following recipes, but I religiously followed this one, and… Continue reading Battenburg Cake – Complete Car-Crash!