I am a working mother of three children with ages ranging from 16-24 years – I have been working for over 35 years now, and it’s lovely to get some time back at the weekends now the kids are a bit older..

That said, I have always been on the go, and I was looking for something else to fill the time, and took up cooking and baking about a two years ago when I set up my Instagram account – workingmumskitchen – for a bit of fun.  The results have been mixed, and I have to say that they seldom look like the photos in the cookery books, why is that?!  So, I promise to share all photos, whether they have been successful or not!

The recipes come from my turkish heritage, so passed down from the family, the collection of cookery and baking books I’ve collected so far, and on-line recipes. I’ll cite the sources for all recipes so you know where to find them, and it’s only right to credit other people’s work.

International and local cuisine, and a few made up and adapted along the way – -I hope you like them, and enjoy my blog.  Really happy to hear any feedback you have, and if you’ve tried any of the recipes.

I’m in the process of updating the website so keep a watch out for updated recipes!