Lasagne Al Forno

My husband and daughter tell me this is tasty, and better than Marks & Spencer’s, and that’s going some!  I suspect this has something to do with the fact that there’s an extra trillion calories in this one! Another great recipe from Grandma’s Best Recipes – bizarrely, my sister who has been living in New Zealand… Continue reading Lasagne Al Forno

Chocolate Crunchie Fridge Cak

The original one I did with Maltesers went down so well, that my daughter suggested that I try one with Crunchie bars instead.  Always up for a challenge, and quite frankly, how wrong can you really go with chocolate, I gave it a go! Verdict from the family – they thought it tasted better than… Continue reading Chocolate Crunchie Fridge Cak

Battenburg Cake – Complete Car-Crash!

OMG, this was a complete car-crash!  So, my youngest son and daughter love Battenburg’s, so I looked up recipes for a good cake, and finally settled on one in: The Great British Book of Baking on Page 254. Now, I know that I’m not good at following recipes, but I religiously followed this one, and… Continue reading Battenburg Cake – Complete Car-Crash!

Turkish Lamb Stew or Pea Meal as it’s called in our family

Quite frankly, if you’re going to make stew, you might as well make loads of it! This is a recipe passed onto me from my mother and is a variation of the recipe passed on from her mother, and we love it. This recipe feeds a family of five twice over – we usually serve… Continue reading Turkish Lamb Stew or Pea Meal as it’s called in our family

Old-fashioned Toad-in-the-Hole

Hands-up, I have to admit, my husband made this, and it’s a great meal to have on a cold evening, and let’s face it, there are many of those living in the UK! Really simple to do, and fills up those hungry tummies!  This recipe comes from the book: Grandma’s Best Recipes on Page 86,… Continue reading Old-fashioned Toad-in-the-Hole

KÖFTE or Meatballs to my friends

This goes brilliantly with rice or as we call it in our house ‘worm rice’ – more about that in a different recipe, and a mixed salad – if you’re really hungry, add a side of chips! Ingredients – for a family of five, scale down for smaller portions: 3 large packets of mince meat… Continue reading KÖFTE or Meatballs to my friends